Traveller Magazine Review ~ Broome Cruises’ “giant Aussie oysters”

Broome sunset culinary cruise ~ The giant Aussie oysters where the meat is as important as the pearls

A special feature review on Broome Cruises by travel writer Justin Meneguzzi has been published in Traveller Magazine, The Age and Sydney Morning Herald.

We love how it centres on the exquisite and little-known delicacy of pearl meat ~ produced from the oysters harvested at Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm’s thriving offshore farm, in some of the most pristine waters in the world.

Compared to the oyster’s vibrant shell and pearl, it’s meat is a less well-known but highly prized product … today we’re trying it fresh from the shell. Coel slices up the oyster and offers me a squishy morsel. It tastes like the missing link between abalone and scallop, with a delicate if starchy texture.

justin meneguzzi, traveller magazine

“With the pearl farm behind us and the deck cleared to make way for white linen covered dining tables, the cruise back to Broome becomes an open-air restaurant.”

Read Justin’s full review below ~ and here.

And to taste rare pearl meat, fresh from the ocean, click below to reserve a place on board Broome Cruises’ Sunset, Seafood & Pearling Cruise.

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