Chef Tony Howell talks cruising on Radio 6PR

Radio interview with Sea West’s new Executive Chef

Tony Howell spoke to radio station 882 6PR’s Russell Collett about what guests can expect aboard our seafood dining cruises this season at Dunsborough, Rottnest Island and Broome. You can listen to the full interview here.

The former Cape Lodge head chef has joined the Sea West team as Executive Chef, creating exciting new 7-course menus for our all-inclusive, 4-hour culinary cruises.

“Literally 5 minutes after leaving the shore, we had dolphins playing around the boat … then all of a sudden it was like a highway of whales. So we’ve got whales coming through, we’re eating scallops, we’ve got crayfish risotto happening. It was amazing.
Guests had a swim in the ocean, straight off the back of the deck on one of those floating mats, drinking wine. And then the sun set. It was just stunning.
To find an experience like this … I’ve done a lot of things around the world with my job, and on that boat was second to none. It seriously was. If I was a guest, it would’ve been one of the best things I’ve done in my lifetime.

Tony Howell speaking on 6PR

Cruise Dates & Details

Cruises run regularly (5 to 7 days per week) departing from Dunsborough with ‘Taste of the Bays’ and in Rottnest Island with the ‘Luxe Island Seafood Cruise’.

Prices start from $299, fully inclusive of premium beverages, 7-course menu, private chef, crew service, optional swimming, sightseeing and more. For full inclusions and to book, click below or phone 08 9586 1136.

Executive Chef Tony Howell (centre) with Sea West’s chef team, Will Peregrine and Libby Wyatt.