Mandurah Ocean Marina, an inviting haven

Nestled in the heart of Mandurah, is the picturesque Mandurah Ocean Marina, less than an hour from Perth. For visitors and locals, this stunning attraction offers a captivating blend of natural beauty and modern architecture.

The Marina was originally known as ‘Dolphin Pool’, due to its reputation as a sandy bay where dolphins would congregate to round-up fish.

Whether spending a day or a short-stay in Mandurah, a trip to the Marina is a must-do experience.

Top 5 things to see at Mandurah Ocean Marina

1. Architectural Splendour

The Mandurah Ocean Marina is adorned with a harmonious blend of modern architecture and natural allure. It is an eye-popping marine enclosure showcasing an array of luxury homes and apartments lining venetian-style canals, plus a popular restaurant hub (Dolphin Quay), affording visitors a breathtaking setting to cruise, explore, shop, dine and relax.

2. Dolphin Sightings

Mandurah’s waterways are not only visually beautiful, they are loved by dolphins. The shallow, warm, protected water of the Marina provides the perfect environment for dolphins due to an abundance of fish. Mandurah’s dolphins often assemble in large groups, engaging in social interactions and cooperatively hunting for fish. Witnessing Mandurah dolphins in their natural habitat is an unforgettable experience.

Mandurah Dolphin playing in the Mandurah Ocean Marina
Photo by Mandurah Cruises’ tour guide, Summer

3. Cruises & Water Activities

Mandurah Cruises offers an opportunity to explore the wonders of the Marina and its surrounding waterways. Dolphin-watching tours take you deep within this locale to spot dolphins up close, while taking in scenery of the Marina and pristine waters beyond. To explore the Marina at your own pace, you can hire a fun, eco-friendly BBQ Boat to enjoy a barbecue with drinks, while soaking up the sights.

Mandurah Dolphin playing in the Mandurah Ocean Marina
Hire a BBQ Boat to explore the Marina at your own pace

4. Dining & Shopping

Fronting the Mandurah Ocean Marina is Dolphin Quay, with a host of vibrant waterfront restaurants, shopping and live entertainment. A diverse range of culinary experiences are on offer here, from fresh local seafood to international cuisine. While dining, visitors enjoy panoramic views and at most, a gentle sea breeze. Browse artisan products, local crafts and unique gifts in this relaxed retail market setting, delivered with quality, old-fashioned service.

5. Friendly Vibe

The Mandurah Ocean Marina serves as a vibrant community hub for both locals and tourists. Dolphin Quay’s beautiful boardwalk offers an Insta-worthy promenade with a warm and friendly West-Aussie atmosphere. Visitors can engage with welcoming residents and immerse themselves in regular live entertainment, family concerts, community events, festivals and more.

It is an eye-popping marine enclosure … affording visitors a breathtaking setting to cruise, explore, shop, wine, dine and relax.

mandurah ocean marina & dolphin quay

A visit to the Mandurah Ocean Marina is a must-do inclusion in any Mandurah itinerary. See it by boat on a tour with Mandurah Cruises, take a stroll along its pretty promenade, or dine, unwind, shop and socialise. This fun holiday hotspot is where dolphins gracefully socialise, sunsets paint the sky and nature’s wonders await your discovery.