Better Homes and Gardens' Jo Griggs with the Mandurah Cruises crew

Mandurah Cruises features on
Better Homes and Gardens 

Seven Media’s Better Homes and Gardens, presented by the gorgeous Joh Griggs came to Mandurah recently, in advance of Crab Fest, and loved our place! 

Joh discovered Mandurah has long been captivating visitors with its unique blend of natural beauty, vibrant community, and marine environment.  Crab Fest celebrates this region’s rich heritage, particularly our renowned blue swimmer crab population. Mandurah’s commitment to sustainable fishing practices ensures the health of its marine life ~ as shown by the amazing dolphin display Joh got to see with our own Natalie Goddard, and the wonderful crabs local commercial fisherman Damien Bell, of Bellbuoy Seafoods, cooked up!

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